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Diesel Service and Repair

Proper diesel maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your vehicle in a working, and optimal state. These include the following services: Fuel filter change, Effective air filter replacement, Inspection of EVAP System components, proper oil changes, and Turbo housing inspection. As well as belts inspection, tire inspection, glow plug inspection and drive train maintenance.

  • Air & Fuel Filter

    Having clean filters support a healthy engine system, allowing the engine to have a longer life span. This also helps in fuel efficiency and allows the system to continue to operate at maximum capacity.

  • Oil Change

    Oil begins breaking down over time, so replacing it now and again will keep your engine running in the best shape possible. While working on the oil change, we inspect for shavings in the oil to monitor if there are any signs of abnormal wear and tear of the engine’s internal components.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

    All diesel vehicles come with a maintenance schedule based on the model, year, and mileage of the vehicle. It is always recommended to bring in the vehicle whenever it’s time for inspection to ensure the condition

  • Coolant System Inspection

    The coolant system keeps your engine from overheating or freezing due to a coolant system breakdown. A coolant system inspection is important to have to prevent engine ceasing due to overheating as well as freezing. It’s also necessary to have your coolant system inspected with older vehicles due to them being more prone to leaking. Indications of a leaking coolant system will show signs of hissing, or steam coming from under the hood. Suffering from a coolant system leakage will affect the performance and life of your vehicle.

  • EVAP Component Inspection

    Evaporation emission control system inspections often involve inspection of the hose lines connecting to the engine to ensure they are in good condition. 99% of problems involving the EVAP control system are caused by an open gas cap.

  • Turbo Housing Inspection

    Turbo Housing Inspections check for general wear and tear of the intake system. We take out the intake to check for damage, cracks, scrapping, and wobble or movement of the fan pump or shaft. The wobbling of the fan pump can cause problems in the intake system due to the pressure it can produce while in use. Excessive wobbling of the fan pump can cause the fan to make contact with the sidewall and potentially cause pieces of metal to enter the intake.

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