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Check Engine Light Repair

If your check engine light just came on or started flashing, T&S Auto and Exhaust is here to help. From brake light warnings to check engine light indicating repairs are needed, we do it all. Contact us now and our team of experienced auto repair staff will get you back on the road quickly and safely.


Check Engine Light Repair Shop in Milwaukie


Check Engine Light Repair in Milwaukie

Try to imagine that you are driving your vehicle in Milwaukie and all of a sudden, a bright yellow light begins to flash on the dashboard. Similar to the majority of the drivers out there you might not have any idea regarding what the light actually means. Some of the drivers ignore the check engine light since they do not know its significance as it might imply several things may be wrong with the vehicle. This light is actually an indication that there are some issues with your automobile and you must perform the required repair work as soon as possible.

What does the check engine light signify?

The sensors within the vehicle’s engine are responsible for regulating the operation of the different components and connecting to something known as the On-Board Diagnostic II system. The check engine light is going to notify you once something does not function properly.

These lights might vary from one carmaker to the other. It can be orange, red, or yellow and has the outline of the engine of the car sometimes in combination with the terms “check engine”.

These warnings are of 2 types:

  • Check engine light on – In case the symbol does appear and stay on steadily, it might refer to a wide range of issues. In this case, it will be imperative for you to take the vehicle to a professional diagnostics and repair shop in Milwaukie with no delay.
  • Check engine light flashing – In case the symbol goes on flashing or blinking, the problem can be more serious. In these situations, you might be wondering whether it will be a good idea to shut off your automobile or drive it straight to a repair shop. You can take the help of an engine code reader which will aid you in figuring out whether you should drive the car or not. It functions by plugging into the computer system of the vehicle and exhibiting a “trouble code”.

Without having the proper vehicle code scanner, it can sometimes be easy to get confused by the vehicle’s check engine light. Nevertheless, the service light has the shape of a wrench and will inform you that the time is perfect for scheduled maintenance and it is not any mechanical issue whatsoever.

It is of prime importance that the check engine light is not ignored by you once it glows since there is a possibility for a vehicle to break down.

Is it serious?

When the check engine light comes it can have various meanings, and most of them are serious, hence the warning light. It might turn out to be an extremely simple issue that’s an easy fix, or it might even warn you regarding a potential engine damaging problem. As mentioned earlier, in case the light is constantly flashing it implies that your vehicle has serious issues. If your check engine light is on or if you need engine repair, contact us today. 

It is important to perform an emissions test in Milwaukie if you would like to drive your car lawfully on the road and if your vehicle does not pass DEQ test, it is probably in need of some repair.

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We are one of the few full service auto repair shops in Milwaukie with full exhaust system repair as well, so we can always provide a more comprehensive analysis. Our family of ASE certified technicians are ready to assist you with any check engine light warning you have. Call (503) 652-2200 now!

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