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It can be obvious when you have brake issues, as in, when you’re in traffic and the squeal of the brakes is louder than your music. At T&S Auto, we repair and maintain brake systems on nearly every vehicle make and model.  


Proper maintenance and care of the brakes and braking system are important for your vehicle’s safe operation.  Brakes should be at least ¼ inch thick or more. Contact us for more information or to schedule brake services.  

Brake Repair & Maintenance in Milwaukie, Oregon

Milwaukie, Oregon is known for having inclement weather with hot summer days and icy winter roads. That means it is important to make sure that the brakes on your vehicle are properly maintained, particularly when there is an increased threat of ice and snow on the roads. 

Squeaky brakes can be caused by brake pads wearing out, warping rotors, or small gravel from the roads can sometimes get stuck in the brakes as well. Poorly maintained brakes will also reduce the longevity of the car and may likewise contribute to mishaps and injuries as well if the brakes fail. If you need brake repair in Milwaukie or regular scheduled brake maintenance, contact us today. 

It is a fact that your car’s braking system is quite simple to maintain. It is essential to make a comprehensive inspection of your car and also perform the necessary repairs so as to make certain that every component is functioning properly. These components consist of the brake line as well as the master cylinder, calipers, brake pads, and rotors

Below, we have mentioned 3 ways for maintaining your braking system so that you are safe while driving.

  1. Brake Rotors and Brake Pads

These components happen to be the points of contact between the tires and the braking system. It is possible for these parts to deteriorate easily as compared to the other parts and you will need to maintain them all the while. Heat will be generated because of the friction between the brake pads and the tires which will be wearing down the brake pad. It is essential to verify the depth and quality of the brake pads for ensuring that there is adequate resistance.

In case you find that you have to press the pedal of your drum brakes further or if you get a burning smell, it is perhaps time to replace the brake pads. For checking the rotors and the brake pads at home, you simply need to remove the tires for assessing the wear. In case any damage or wear is noticed by you, it will be a sensible idea to replace them without any delay at all.  Otherwise, you can take them to our vehicle repair shop in Milwaukie immediately.

  1. Flush Brake Fluid

Once the brake pedal is depressed, the pressure is going to build up and it will be transferred from the master cylinder via the brake fluid, into the calipers via the brake lines, which will be transferring the pressure to the rotors and the brake pads. Consequently, the brake fluid is essential since it will act as a messenger between the braking system of the car and your foot on the brake.

However, moisture might be attracted by the brake fluid which can damage the braking system in the long run. It is essential to check the brake fluid and also change it every 30,000 miles. In case the fluid becomes milky or cloudy, it might indicate that it’s time to change it.

  1. Upgrade or Replace Brake Parts

At times, it might be essential to replace certain components of the braking system, or you might want to upgrade the existing components to get better performance. Components like a slotted disc brake which happens to be more resistant to heat or ceramic pads which can handle more heat, produce fewer brake dust particles, and are quieter, will be a few of the more popular upgrades.

When it comes to brake repair and upgrades, we have you covered here at T&S Automotive and Exhaust. Our team ASE certified technicians here to help. Call (503) 652-2200 now.

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