All of our repairs comes with a 18-month or 18,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first. We use only genuine factory parts or remanufactured parts that meet the manufacturer recommended specifications.

We at T&S Automotive and Exhaust cannot emphasize enough the importance of preventive maintenance. If you are noticing anything unusual such as leaks, noise, late shifting, loss of power, or slipping, bring it in right away and let us do a free diagnostic.

While the transmission is often the most complex system on your car, majority of the repairs are minor when it is diagnosed early and don't require the transmission to be taken out of the car. On newer models, the culprit often lies within the computer system rather than the drivetrain itself.

Call us and make an appointment today. We are also happy to provide a second opinion to any diagnostic results you have received from another transmission repair shop.

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With our 35 years of experience, we want to be the auto maintenance and repair facility of your choice. With outstanding customer orientation, honest repairs and getting the job done right, we hope to keep you as our customer for life.


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If your car is not moving, we office towing service and it is free should your car require a major transmission repair.



We are your transmission specialist. Whether it is to do a fluid flush, or an entire transmission overhaul or swap, we can get the job done right.

Breakdown of the transmission is a very common issue mostly due to neglect and misunderstanding of such terms as "lifetime transmission fluid."

Car owners are generally pretty good at maintaining their vehicles by doing regular engine oil changes and tire rotations. The transmission, on the other hand, while generally doesn't need to be serviced until every 30,000 miles, is often neglected.

It is critical that when the time comes, the transmission is to be inspected and serviced. Terms such as "lifetime fluid" often mislead car owners into thinking that the transmission fluid will last for the entire life of the transmission or the vehicle. Experience tells us a drastically different story.


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