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(503) 652-2200

We understand your vehicle unexpectedly breaking down can be frustrating and it can even leave you stranded. We aim to provide the best service we can to make you feel at ease during such a time. If you ever need emergency vehicle service, just call us. We will arrange for towing, do the repair, and get you back on track fast. When the unexpected happen, you can count on us to be there for you.



The following schedules are listed for general illustrative purposes. We will provide you with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your specific make and model.

Every 3,000 Miles or three months

• Replace engine oil and filter (6,000 miles for full


• Check tire condition and tread depth

• rotate tires (every 6,000 miles) and set correct tire


• Check for burnt light bulbs on all exterior lights

• Inspect front and rear brake components

• Inspect and top off fluid levels

Every 15,000 Miles or 18 months

• Items on “Every 3,000 Miles” list

• Inspect condition of drive axle

• Check condition of brake fluid

• Check condition and operation of cooling system

• Inspect steering system and suspension

• Inspect exhaust system

• Inspect air filters

• Inspect fuel injection system

Every 30,000 Miles or 36 months

• Items on “Every 15,000 Miles” list

• Check transfer case and differential fluids

• Inspect ignition and electrical systems

• Check clutch system

• Check transmission

Here at T&S, we believe doing routine maintenance is the best way to prevent serious breakdowns and expensive repairs. Regardless of the age of your vehicle, following the manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule can keep your car running strong and extend its longevity.

To that end, when you bring your vehicle in for the first time, we will perform a complementary multi-point inspection of your vehicle, even if it’s only for replacing a burned out light bulb. We do this so you can have peace of mind in knowing what and when your car may need servicing again down the road.


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